General Information

The School of Informatics and Telecommunications is located in Kozani (70,420 inhabitants), capital of the Prefecture of Kozani and seat of the University of West Macedonia. It is the second School of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of West Macedonia. The School of Mechanical Engineering (at 1 km) and the administrative services of the University (at 1.5) are also located in the city. The rest four Schools of the University are based in the city of Florina.

The School's activities are carried out at sites in the eastern entrance of Kozani, just 2 km from the city centre. In addition, faculty offices and a laboratory are located in a building which also houses some laboratories of the School of Mechanical Engineering. The central building is connected to the city with public transport.

The School grants degrees up to a PhD level and its mission is:

  • to cultivate and promote knowledge on key subjects of IT and Telecommunications and Networks technology,
  • to provide specialized knowledge on modern sectors of IT and Telecommunications, including data analysis, the Internet, signal and image processing, software engineering, mobile and satellite communications etc.
  • to provide students with the necessary skills which ensure excellent training for either an academic or a professional career in IT companies, telecommunications companies, the government etc