SmartROOT project: Transnational Event on data-driven Mixed Farming Systems


On Monday 28th of February 2022 the virtual Transnational Event on data-driven Mixed Farming Systems organised from AGRIVI and supported by the SmartRoot consortium will take place. The SmartROOT project, is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2, leaded by University of Western Macedonia. SmartROOT  is a Strategic Partnership in the field of higher education that focuses on the preparation of a new Joint Master Degree program in the field of Mixed Farming Systems (MFS).

This multiplier event aims

  • to bring together academics and graduates in the fields of agriculture, livestock, IT and finance
  • to stimulate public curiosity about the application of modern technologies in the primary sector
  • to emphasis the benefits of modern technology in this sector
  • to demonstrate the need for new business forms in the industry, which will consist of people with an interdisciplinary background

More details for the event you can find here: