Semester 6

Course: Microprocessors

Course Code: Ε22
Course Level: Undergratuate
Obligatory/Elective: Elective
Semester: 6
Division: Main Course
Group: Main Course
ECTS Credits: 5
Hours Per Week: 4
Language: Greek, English

The course is about understanding how to operate and program
microprocessors (and generally large-scale digital circuits). It
includes extensive reference to the architecture and programming of
the AVR microcontrollers, in particular the ATmega328, various
sensors and actuators, as well as the electronics needed to integrate
them all into a single integrated system. In addition, issues of
architecture and programming of Broadcom BCM2835
microprocessors will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, students gain knowledge and understanding of the
following topics:
• Architecture of microcontrollers and microprocessors
• Understanding how microcontrollers and microprocessors are programmed in low level
• Connection of peripherals and sensors to microcontrollers,
• Memory operations
• Basic communication protocols
With the successful completion of the laboratory exercises of the course, students gain knowledge
and understanding of the following topics:
• Programming in low-level language
• Programming and debugging for microprocessors,
• Use of software and hardware interrupts

• Connection and control of peripheral devices with a microcontroller.


Digital Design,
Computer Architecture

Teaching Methods:
Method Description Semester Workload
Lectures 26
Laboratory exercises 26
Homework assignments 30
Study 43
Total 125

Final exams theory 50%, Final exams lab 50%

Suggested Books:

1. Πογαριδης Δημητριος, Σχεδιαση Συστηματων Μικροεπεξεργα-
στων, Μούργκος Ιωάννης, Έκδοση: 2/2010.
2. Ν. Πετρελλης, Γ. Αλεξιου, Μικροεπεξεργαστες Και Σχεδιασμος
Μικροϋπολογιστικων Συστηματων, Κλειδαριθμος, Έκδοση: 2η/
3. Πογαρίδης Δ., Σχεδίαση Συστημάτων Μικρουπολογιστών, Μαρια
Παρικου, Έκδοση: 1η/2013.
4. Παπάζογλου Παναγιώτης, Μικροεπεξεργαστές, Εκδοσεις Α. Τζιο-
λα, Έκδοση: 1η/2015.
5. Καλοφωλιάς Δημήτριος, Προγραμματισμός Του Μικροελεγκτή

Lecturer: Asimopoulos Nikolaos