Fragulis George


  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Degree in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, School of Physics and Mathematics, AUTh., (1981-1985), (7.85 / 10).
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Doctorate in Informatics (Control Theory), Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science and Numerical Analysis, School of Physics and Mathematics, AUTh. (1986-1990), ‘Excellent’. Supervising professor A.I.G. Vardoulakis.
  • Automatic Control Systems (Classical Systems, Peculiar Systems, Multivariate Systems, Algebraic Analysis, Feedback Systems, Computer Aided System Design).
  • Mechatronics / Robotics (Principles and Mathematical Models, Intelligent and Autonomous Robots), Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks.
  • Algebraic Array Theory, Calculation of Mathematical Expressions in a Symbolic Way, Issues of Differential Equations.
  • Symbolic Programming Languages, Internet Programming, E-Learning.
  • L. Lazaridis, M. Papatsimouli and George F. Fragulis, ”A Synchronous - Asynchronous Tele-education Platform”, Int. J. of Smart Technology, and Learning, Vol. 1, issue (2), 122-139, 2019.
  • Designing Haptic Interfaces for teleoperations in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Kokkonis George, Hlias Gounopoulos, Dimitris Tsiamitros, Dimitrios Stimoniaris and George F. Fragulis, International Journal of Entertainment Technology and Management, to appear, 2019.
  • Christos Tolis and George F. Fragulis, An experimental mechatronic design and control of a 5 DOF Robotic arm for identification and sorting of different sized objects, 5th Int.Conf. on Mathematics and Computers in Sciences and Industry, CORFU ISLAND, GREECE, August 25-27, 2018.
  • G.F. Fragulis and B.G. Mertzios, ”Division of two Polynomial Matrices Using the Fundamental Matrix Approach”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Control Systems ARCS 2009, At Orlando, FL, United States, Volume: 1, pp.70-74, 2009.
  • G.F. Fragulis and B.G. Mertzios, ” Computation of the impulsive behaviour of multivariable linear systems using a division algorithm”, Systems & Control Letters, 39, pp.211-217, 2000.
  • G.F.Fragulis , ” A closed formula for the determination of the impulsive solutions of Linear Homogeneous Matrix Differential Equations” , IEEE Transactions of Automatic Control ,Vol. AC-38 , No. 11 , pp.1688-1695 , 1993
  • G.F. Fragulis, B.G. Mertzios and A.I.G. Vardulakis, ” Computation of the inverse of a polynomial matrix and evaluation of its Laurent expansion ” , International Journal of Control , Vol. 53 , No. 2 , 431-443 , 1991.
CONTACT DETAILSOffice: Department of Electrical And Computer Engineering, ZEP Campus, Kozani
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