The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE), School of Engineering, is located in Kozani, the capital of the prefecture of Kozani and the seat of the University of Western Macedonia (UoWM).

ECE is the second founded UoWM School of Engineering Department with state - of - the - art technological facilities. Despite its short period of operation, the department has acquired a leading and prominent position in Greek and International Academia. The development of the Department both at educational, as well at research level has been rapid, contributing to the emergence of high - level scientific workforce in the field of technology. According to UoWM Careers Office, labour market absorption rates are high for department graduates, while many of them excel in academic, scientific and professional fields both in Greece and abroad.

The department facilities are within 2 - 3 km of the city centre and are accessible by public transport.

Since its inception, the aim of the Department has been to promote the science and technologies of Informatics, Telecommunications, Electronics, as well as Circuits and Energy. Through teaching, research and applications, the Department prepares Engineers equipped with all the necessary qualifications to follow developments in the ever - evolving areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

More specifically, the Department caters for the fundamental education and acquisition of professional skills and specialized knowledge in the following subject areas:

  • Computer Science: Parallel, Distributed, Mobile and Wireless Computing, Design, Analysis and Algorithm Development.
  • Software and Systems Technologies: Development and Design of Software, Databases, Internet, Mobile and Embedded Systems as well as Internet of Things applications.
  • Signals, Telecommunications and Networks: Specialized communications expertise in the design and implementation of Computer Networks, Optical and Wireless Telecommunication Networks, Antenna and Microwave Communications, as well as Analysis and Processing of Digital Imaging and Signals and Biomedical Signals.
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering: Study, design and development of electric - electrical systems.
  • Energy: Design, development and production of electricity systems, electromechanical energy conversion systems, electrical installations, measurements and automation system